Would you take your mom or dad to a job interview?

26% of Gen Z Applicants Bringing Parents To Job InterviewsGeneration Z GIF by LiveChat

A Resume Templates survey has found that 26% of Gen Z job applicants involve their parents in the interview process.

31% have brought a parent to an interview and a parent has accompanied 29% of Gen Z applicants on a virtual interview.

For those that had mom or dad on the Zoom interview, 71% said their parents were “off-camera”.Season 2 Ff GIF by Freeform's Single Drunk Female

Parents on camera spoke directly to the hiring manager.

It’s hard to see where a parent being directly involved in an interview is appropriate,” executive resume writer Andrew Stoner told Resume Templates. “It does not signal confidence to a hiring company on behalf of the child. I recommend a ‘help at a distance’ approach of being available and advising the child during the recruiting process.”