25 Rock Albums with No Weak Songs

An album with no bad songs is a rare gem, but they’re out there. Loudwire.com put out a list of 25 legendary albums without a single weak track. I’m not going through the whole list (check out the full list HERE), but here are a few that it’s hard to argue with . . .

“Highway to Hell”AC/DC

“Magical Mystery Tour”The Beatles                                                                     (They disqualified “Sgt. Pepper’s” because of “Good Morning Good Morning” and “Abbey Road” didn’t make the cut because of “Mean Mr. Mustard”.)

“Rumours”Fleetwood Mac

“Appetite for Destruction”Guns N’ Roses

“Led Zeppelin 4”Led Zeppelin

“The Dark Side of the Moon”Pink Floyd

“Exile on Main St.”The Rolling Stones